Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm a fan of Monday. It's the one day of the week where I'm not thinking about what I didn't accomplish the day before. On Monday, the To-do lists seem do-able. By the end of the week the list of pushed-aside tasks follows me around, always nibbling on my brain. Often the list is so big that ill just say, "Screw it. It's nearly the weekend. I'll catch up next week. " and Monday comes again and I focus on a fresh new list for the week. I like making lists more than I like completing them.

Will has been sick three times this fall and consequently, so have I. It's just a cold, but they sap the life out of me. And Will always feels better before I do, and he's all "I feel better Mama comeon Mama comeon leaves park running!!" And with the aid of generic caffeinated tea I shuffle along hoping he gets tired soon because I just want to be back on the couch with some Sudafed. But he's cute and it makes him happy, so it's kind of worth it.

I'm beginning to realize just how much happier kids are after running/jumping/dancing a lot. I was never a recess-loving kid. The standard answer to "what's your favorite class?" is "recess" or "lunch". Mine was science. And reading. But I really understand recess now and how important it is to focus the brain. Hopefully by the time Will hits kindergarten schools will be swinging back toward more recess and gym and less jellying of the brain by test prep. Also, this has helped me realize that the best time for me to exercise is in the morning when my brain still works instead of after Will goes to bed and I'm at the energy level of a carrot. The gym has a childcare service, which is awesome except for Will is rarely exposed to other kids' germs and he catches more colds and then I get sick and so on...

At least it's Monday and I have a new list.

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