Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Six Months

Six months ago yesterday we brought The Buddy home from the hospital. Everyone says that the first few months go by fast, but I hadn't fully appreciated that cliché until now. In just six (very) short months our tiny little stranger has grown into a miniature person with whom I feel a connection so intense that it's hard to really put it into words.

At the Buddy's doctor appointment yesterday we were reassured that his growth and development are all normal and average and even got a lovely printout of related data. But it's impossible to chart on a graph the real, important changes in a child: the smiles, the giggles, the overwhelmingly addictive gazes of admiration. We are absolutely lucky to have a happy baby. (I'm told this is a trick of Nature: happy babies lure parents into thinking that  having another one is a good idea.) The nights of endless rocking and walking baby to sleep are becoming less frequent. The need to be constantly entertained one hundred percent of the time is lessening as he learns to play and learn independently.

The day to day changes are sometimes difficult to see, but somehow we started with him:

 And now we have him:

 And him:

And even this nerd:
This is the face I get for not letting him eat the camera. <3

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